“I’ve no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

Sviluppatrice esplora il cyber spazio

We are dreamers. We hold a common vision for a free and equal world, starting from our work, which should not hold us back but enhance who we are, as humans. Our job is a tool to explore the world with hungry eyes and a route to extend our boundaries into undiscovered lands.

We are developers, and our language is coding. We feel at home amidst strings and programming languages as we have grown up designing our own dreams, pixel by pixel. Today, we aim to bring others’ dreams to life by contributing to the creation of a more inclusive and welcoming world, for everybody.

We are pioneers. We embrace freedom and stand ready to protect it, no matter what or who. Freedom of thought, but above all freedom of action, both beliefs that lead us to explore every possible solution to find new ways to get to the finish line first.

We thrive on leading the way, yet never intend to interfere with others. With you, we will always be straightforward and honest, as we value outcomes over empty words and numbers over pretty speeches.

If you’ve understood what we’ve written so far, then you are one of us. Join our team or get in touch with us to share your project. We’re committed to proving that our manifesto isn’t merely a webpage but a code ingrained in our DNA.